Full granulation function and high production efficiency

Drum Fertilizer Dryer

  • Use: Drying of organic fertilizer and compound fertilizer
  • Production Capacity: 1-20t/h
  • Intake Temperature: ≥300℃
  • Rotary speed: 3-5 r/min
  • Product highlights: High heat utilization rate, uniform drying

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Product Introduction

Rotary drum fertilizer dryer is mainly used for drying granular organic fertilizer and granular compound fertilizer. In view of the characteristics that the water content of organic fertilizer particles or compound fertilizer / compound fertilizer particles is not more than 35%, and the hardness of fertilizer particles is smaller than that of coal slime, the lifting plate and barrel of this dryer are optimized to avoid destroying the shape of fertilizer particles.

Performance Characteristics

High efficiency in heatin

The distribution and angle of the lifting plate of the rotary dryer are reasonable and the performance is reliable, so the heat energy utilization rate is high and the drying is uniform.

Lower energy consumption

The rotary dryer has a large processing capacity, low fuel consumption, and low drying cost.

Reduces wear

The rotary dryer equipment adopts a self-aligning tug structure, and the tug and the rolling ring cooperate well, which greatly reduces wear and power consumption.

Protecting the shape of fertilizer particles

As the fertilizer particles are relatively fluffy and the hardness is not high, the lifting plate and the cylinder have been specially treated at the rotating speed, so as to reduce the damage of the dryer to the fertilizer particles and achieve the purpose of protecting the particle shape.

Working Principle

Rotary drum fertilizer dryer is mainly used for drying granular organic fertilizer and granular compound fertilizer. The fertilizer particles are transported to the feed port of the fertilizer dryer through the conveyor. The fertilizer particles enter from the feed port of the dryer, and the drying heat source is introduced into the heat source through the induced draft fan from the lower port. Thus, the material falls from the feed port and flows from the bottom to the top with the hot air to form the reverse contact between the fertilizer and the heat source, and then moves to the discharge port of the dryer at different speeds. Under the action of the lifting plate, the fertilizer particles keep lifting and then fall, so that the fertilizer and the heat source are fully contacted, Realize rapid evaporation of water to meet the requirements of target water content.

Drum Fertilizer Dryer-parameters

Model Diameter (mm) Length (mm) Dip Angle (°) Speed (r/min) Throughput (t/h) power (kw)
ZG12×6 1200 6000 3 5 0.5-1 5.5
ZG14×7 1400 7000 3 5 2-3 7.5
ZG16×8 1600 8000 3 5 3-5 11
ZG18×9 1800 9000 3 4 4-6 15
ZG20×10 2000 10000 3 4 6-8 18.5
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